Chipmunk Traps

Simple, Effective Chipmunk Traps You Can Make At Home

Chipmunks can be adorable, but if they are invading and damaging your property, you will be glad to know it is easy and not expensive to make a chipmunk trap and put a stop to the destruction. These pesky creatures can damage or obliterate wiring, phone and Internet cables, rip up insulation, and more.  They enter people’s homes as well as invading the roof, attic, cellar, walls, and garden.

Related to the squirrel, but half the size, chipmunks are identified by white stripes on their head and back. Members of the rodent family, there are over twenty varieties.  All but 1 reside in North America.

Chipmunks can spread Lyme disease that can be fatal in humans.  One actually attacked a cat in Europe, traveling with a pack of 5 or 6 others, crossing roads and generally terrorizing the community.  These were the specific variety, Siberian Chipmunks. It’s not clear how they got to Europe.

There are several ways to make chipmunk traps.  It isn’t necessary in most cases to buy any special equipment or toxic substances.  We’ll share a few ideas here for easy to make chipmunk traps.

One kind of trap that is quick to put together, requires a 5-gallon galvanized steel tub.  Fill it half way with water.  Make a step or ladder and sprinkle it with birdseed mixture. Then sprinkle seed on top of the water. Make sure you use mixture that floats, with lots of sunflower seeds.  The critters will climb onto the step and eat the seed.  Then they’ll see more seed in the water, and fall in the tub trying to reach it. They don’t know how to swim so they won’t last long.

The contributor of this trap design reports she got 5 in one day, all ending up in the tub.

Another type of chipmunk trap involves one of their favorite foods, peanut butter. You simply put some in a stocking and make a hole in it, several inches across.  Put more peanut butter on the outside of the stocking to stimulate their sense of smell. Wire your peanut butter stocking to a rattrap. It must be the spring-loaded kind. The chipmunk will get stuck trying to yank the sock out of the trap. There is no suffering because the trap “works like a snap.”

Its not hard to get rid of a chipmunk, but no matter how many you eliminate, more will arrive, seemingly out of nowhere (more likely from underground, their favored living space.)  Whether you love or hate these guys, they will be around, so keep on trapping, or just put up with them.  Those are your only 2 choices because they aren’t going away anytime soon. 

The Russian news site PRAVDA On-Line recently reported, “Chipmunks have the nuts to survive an ice age”. Funny headline aside, they explained that research conducted in 2004 in Illinois, on 244 chipmunks in the Midwest, determined this to be factual.  Researchers concluded that there must have been a forest area that supported a chipmunk population.