Chipmunk Repellent

Chipmunk Repellent that Actually Works

It can be impossible to get the critters in your yard to leave sometimes, but what you need is a chipmunk repellent that actually works.  Chipmunks may look cute and cuddly, but it doesn’t take them long to take over a yard by reproducing!  They can even build a nest in your attic or anywhere else that’s dark and quiet.  But did you know that controlling chipmunks is rather similar to controlling squirrels?  All you need is some chipmunk repellent to take back control of your yard or home.

One kind of chipmunk repellent uses the scent of a fox to scare the critters away.  You just shake it around your yard and home, and the scent makes chipmunks think foxes have taken over the areas.  Foxes are a chipmunk’s natural predators, so spreading the scent around usually works pretty well.  If you’re concerned about the smell, don’t worry because the small is not noticeable to humans.  This kind of chipmunk repellent is usually completely organic and safe to use around other kinds of animals.  It also doesn’t hurt the poor little chipmunks.  It simply drives them away.

You can also use moth balls as chipmunk repellent, although these can be a little smelly for humans and they’ve been shown to cause cancer.  Garlic juice or a mixture of pureed garlic and hot peppers also works wonders as a chipmunk repellent.  Just spray either of these mixtures all over your plants and the chipmunks will leave them alone.  Garlic and peppers cause your plants to taste badly to chipmunks and may even cause them a slight burning sensation if they try to eat them.

Another way to get rid of chipmunk repellent is to simply make some changes to your yard.  Remove anything that provides a nice little hovel for chipmunks.  This can include low-lying shrubs and any decorative elements that create a small cave-like enclosure for chipmunks.  You can also try the barrier approach by covering your plants with a screen or fence. 

If you’re an animal lover, sometimes having a pet dog or cat is the best kind of chipmunk repellent you can buy.  Just make sure your cat is an outdoor cat, or you’ll have trouble using it to repel chipmunks.  Also remember that not all dogs and cats will defend their territory from other animals.  Part of this depends on the animal’s personality.  However if you get a male dog or cat, they will mark their territory with a liquid smell that often drives chipmunks away.

If you don’t mind killing chipmunks, then you can take a slightly more violent approach by fumigating their hole.  There are a number of ways to do this, but the easiest method is to use a gas-powered mower.  Attach a hose to the exhaust pipe and shove it down the chipmunk’s hole to smoke it out.  The animal will either die underground or be forced out where you can kill it by other means.  There are also some gas bombs that are perfect for fumigating chipmunk holes, but be careful with these because they can harm more than just chipmunks.